Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

A Story About My Writer’s Block… or Is It Procrastination?

Day in and day out, my motivation comes and recedes like the tides of the ocean just a few miles away.

I wake up with good intentions, but through the crude, social media, and lack of energy, I lose my free spirit. Where does it go, how does it leave so quickly?

I don’t remember these fleeting bits of inspiration disappearing into thin air as a child.

I remember exploring, I remember wanting to stay out before it was dark outside.

Is it society, is it internal, is it indecisiveness?

Is it my crazy schedule, lack of pay, relationships, or injustices?

I have become the master of excuses.

Is it the chronic, the mental, the physical, the intellectual?

I glance at a math problem and cower to its power, why aren’t my neurons firing like they should?

I dare the psychologists to shred every line, analyze the diction as it falls on this page.

It all boils down… yes, literally falls apart, molecule by molecule, because of the unknown, because fear of the unknown.


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