Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Daily Changes

Daily changes take one step at a time. A lot of listening to yourself and others. Patience, perseverance, and focus. Rest, realism, and hope. Relax it’s minor moves to go by change.

You have your routine right now, rather you realize it or not, even if it is disorganization. There exist patterns that will take some work to break. You may have tried whipping out a full on list or calendar with changes you deem you will magically incorporate into your life right away. STOP. Overwhelming yourself is one of the key ways to unmotivate yourself.

Discipline. This is where we got to start. You may be tempted and look back at high school or your younger years and think… wow I was really getting things done! But life… your life, had a pre-scheduled plan laid out for you. Wake up, go to school, two periods, snack, two more, lunch, school bell, come home eat, do homework, go to bed. Your exercise, nutrition and sleep pattern was laid out right before your eyes. Whatever structure you may have had, is still structure! Before you know it “real life” hit. Now it’s your time to get on your feet and cause some physics! An object will stay at rest unless something comes to move it, and an object in motion will stay in motion once you get it moving (Newton’s Law). It’s science!

Where to Start

So you now have an inclination to get going, you may not have had one before but the way I look at it, you wouldn’t have kept reading. At this moment you need to look at what you want in life. Do you have an idea of your ideal self? Take this with precaution we are not comparing and contrasting who we are, with who we were, or want to be. We are trying to develop a picture of our goals. Really sit for a minute and think about what potential the future can hold. Don’t worry I can wait, take the time now or when you have free time ( or a better moment to process this).

Maybe you imagine a self-educating cook dancing engineer, or an athletic mom professor volunteering as a tax assistant, or self-publishing book writer, who is not only a janitor at night but an environmental activist and judo instructor by day. Your dreams and combinations are limitless and with God all things are possible.

Breaking it Down

Now you got your over-arching theme. Your kite is ready to launch! We got to build the rope and twine the thread to get it flying high. A lot of thoughts might be coming into your head at the moment. Okay next Monday, Tuesday, Thursday I’ll run an hour each day…. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I’ll spend 30 minutes learning a language, and in between work I’ll….__________. Let’s slow down and take it by the little chunks.


Out of all the things you could do, which do you think is the most realistic to start soon? Let’s start there. Our other goals are still in the back of our minds but distant and we will keep them a bit hazy for the moment.

Try it Out

Put it into action! Try out your goals and vision. What’s plausible? What simply ain’t happening? You are the only one who knows your true realistic ways…. break’em… rebuild.

At first, the hardest part is convincing yourself. But once you get going you will get lost in the beauty of ACTUALLY doing what you were set out to do. It’s a great feeling. As you move forward, you will have more and more to check off your list. It’s going to be a “been there done that” kind of moment.

Share It

Letting people know about your intentions or writing them down, initiates some form of holding yourself responsible. Don’t get too crazy with the idea but allowing yourself to put it out into the universe is a good step to get the ball rolling.

Discipline can lead from one thing to another, inspiring you and making you more inclined to do more of whatever you want to do. You will be doing more than you did. Changing the status quo! Sometimes life just happens. It may take a big s*it on you, but when the moments right (or make the moment right), you just got to regroup, get back on the bandwagon and do the seemingly impossible.


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