Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

Dear Miss Idealist

Dear Ms. Idealist,
I was standing in the bathroom looking at my newly threaded eyebrows and thought to myself, “Wow! She finally got them right.”
I have pretty thick brows and my hair grows back very quickly. For some reason I can never find anyone who can keep my shape pretty close to its natural curve. I had been going to this woman for about 2 years and there was no other threading place around so my options were waxing or …well her. I tried a few waxing places but my hair just seemed to grow back in a few days.
For the longest time I never told my threader I didn’t like my shape. Finally one day I came in with a picture of myself when I liked my eyebrows. She did her best to get the shape. She even reached out to other threaders for advice on how to get that shape. One day I got this idea to start coloring in my brows with the shape I like before I went to get them threaded. We were getting closer. When I didn’t color them in my threader expressed to me it’s easier for her to shape my eyebrows when I have them shaded how I like them. So I stopped showing her the picture and would fill in my shape each time I would go. The other day my make up consultant complemented my eyebrows and that’s the day I looked in the mirror and said “Wow!”
I use this example because many times we do this in life. We have a picture of what our life is supposed to look like.
We expect life and people to thread their way into our lives based off convenience and an image of what things are “supposed to” look like. 
I was so focused on the shape in the image but it wasn’t until I worked with her when we started seeing results. I listened to why she was struggling to get my shape and we found a solution together in order to accomplish my ideal brows.
If we make ourselves available to others we hear not only how they can help us but how we can help them; then we’re more likely to find a solution. 
Now I have my eyebrow shape back and my threader is satisfied because she made an accomplishment in her position. It’s a win-win.
My message to you today is let go of that picture, that image you’re focusing on. Keep hope you can make it there. One day life will look, if not similar, even better. You have to focus on today and the steps you can take to reach that goal. Instead of complaining and staying quiet about the results we’re not liking, we can take a look at our options and work together to achieve that goal. The responsibility does not lie on one person. It takes work, advice, time, patience, and more. If you persevere and focus on the progress rather than the mistakes, you’ll see. One day you’ll have your shape.
With love,

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