Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

Distracted Procrastinator (you know who you are)

Distracted Procrastinator

These two words together can be poison to your dreams and your creativity. It’s funny how life can sometimes add up on you and when you have so much before you, it can hold you stagnant and numb because you don’t even know where to begin. It seems like a natural decision to do things that seem “easier” or “fun,” instead of doing what you know in your heart and your mind you need to get done. Once you analyze everything you need to do, it can truly be paralyzing. So how do you get motivated when all you’ve got is you?

Let’s first get started with the small things you can get done realistically in a moment’s notice. Here’s an example for me: the apartment is a mess, I’m looking for a new job, got to pay the bills-living pay check to pay check, I want to change and motivate the world, thinking about going back to school, not to mention dealing with the past, and I got a bunch of medical crap to get done. Ahh… where do I start?

I know you got your list, we all do. Start taking bites you can chew from your life sandwich. That means you got to get your butt up right now. Heck you can start right now, what’s something you can literally get done right now but have been de-motivated from doing. STOP. Get it done now. Then come back and read this article. Seriously.




**********PAUSING WHILE YOU GET THAT DONE***************




How does that feel? You got that done! I know it feels good. Yes, your mind can wander and be like… man, I got a lot of other crap to get done too. But that’s okay. Your fire is re-ignited. You might even want to get something else done. Clear some space in your life. Great!


This is the amazing secret to your procrastinating problems. START. If that means getting yourself motivated, do it. If that means holding yourself accountable, do it. You are your own obstacle; you are your own fuel.


Stop looking left and right at ALL you have to do. Don’t let deadly distraction in your life. Take a second and breathe instead of thinking a million miles a minute. Focus in on a thing or two a day and conquer that. Before you know it you are like an ant… bringing together a little grain of sand or dirt one at a time to make an awesome ant hill.

.                                      .                        .            .     .  .  . . . . . ………………………………….

Let me tell you something you already know. Life moves quick, you don’t know when you are going to get opportunities again. If it feels right and sits well with your soul and what or who you believe in, then it is time. Everyday you lose a second, minute, hour, day of your life. What do you want to have accomplished in that moment that has already passed? Guess what’s not gone… your next moment (let that marinate for a second).

So then get it done, even if you need to read this a thousand times. We will even permit a million times.


You go girl! We have been waiting for you to get in the race. Now let’s see how you compete.


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