Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Fighting Fear

Sometimes in life you might just find yourself face to face with your fears. You may be right there in the middle. Everyday facing the same situation, feeling anxiety about what is going on. Other times you may not even come close to touching your fears, nowhere near it. But the same result seems to always be there. You are fearful. Perception can change everything.


I know you’ve heard it everywhere, “there is good fear to get you motivated and get you moving in an emergency.” Then there is the bad fear, the one that keep us tied down, wore out and beaten down. But why? Where and when did we allow this fear to seep in and cause such daily destruction?

If you talk about your fears, it can bring it to the forefront and maybe possibly lighten the blow that it has. But on the other hand it might just be a dull reminder that it exists.



Wow, that’s a word that hasn’t been used in a loooong time. Fear can be crippling, but willpower can be empowering. You have got to believe that there is something greater than you that can get you through this, a greater power that can see you through it.


Believing is so essential to human progress on a global and local scale, as well as on an individual level. You must have a positive idea of what the future can hold. Possibility opens doors, fear and pessimism closes those doors and builds wall. Choose to see the light, and the light will come in.



What are some of your fears and how do you overcome them?

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