Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Have We Lost Our Creativity?


      Well kinda… maybe not, but we have gotten lazy! Think about it… you run into a problem and you want to find out the answers. What do you do? Search for the answer online. You are throwing a party, or want to decorate your apartment, what do you do? Search online. You are bored… online. It’s plain and simple we have become latched in, complacent, and dangerously passive and content. Yes ,the Internet is a great resource to search for new ideas and it has created a closer world. The positives are endless!

      But what happened to the pure ingenuity we once used to figure out solutions? Today our problem solver is a search engine, plain and simple. We’ve all heard the studies that show us the staggering statistics that we are addicted to the net and electronics. But what does this really mean? We need to evaluate our lives, hold ourselves accountable, and change our future outcome. A YouTube video I came across made a good point. If we are spending several hours online that time could be spent elsewhere. Rather it be getting to know our friends, pursuing our passion, living our dreams, pampering and building up our ideas, making up a sport or game, or finally hitting the drawing board, we are capable of learning from trial and error. We are too comfortable. It’s got to change and it starts with you.

      Yes, let us use the internet as a valuable resource. But let us also make time to brainstorm, practice, and use our own creativity to create something, even if it doesn’t look great, it is yours. It is an original.

What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” – Unknown



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