Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

Learning from Travel

Hope. Contentment. Stillness. Reflection. Deep Thought. Awe. Wonder. Relaxation. Stimulus. Inspiration. Journey. Contentment. Understanding. Connection. Feelings. Escape. Cherishment. Hope. Beautiful. Distraction. Engagement. Kindness. Treasure. Freedom. Exploration. Openness. Wide Spaces. Creativity.

Challenge your preconceived notions about life.

Get out of your space! Don’t linger in complacency, get out of your safety zone. There is true peace and genuine joy in travel. It’s stimulating, it’s new, it’s exotic. It doesn’t have to be far, it could be for the day or for an hour. The benefits of travel… seeing the place yourself, learning a new culture, embarking on an adventure, and living (some of our ancestors were nomadic and for good reason, yeah it was needed for survival but I can only imagine the innate joy that came with it).

It’s time. No more excuses.

Let’s start with a couple of starting points. WHERE might be a good place to start? WHAT means do you have to get there? WHAT goals can you plan to get there? Is life hectic right now… maybe you need a “journey break”… a “traveling time-out”… an “explorers evening”… a “bazaar breakfast.”

Allowing your mind and brain some much needed love and downtime can be beneficial. A novel space with some time to be truly empty without life’s worries. The lifting of distraction can be curiously captivating. It will let room for internal movement and motivation giving you peace and the ability to recharge.

Getting out there will open your mind and possibilities. You can learn things about yourself and the outside world you never knew possible. You can shape and define realities in your world, if it makes sense and calls for it. You can break boundaries and let ideas and experience flood into your soul. You just got to get out there.

Travel allows you to see and explore parts of you, you might not have known existed. You get to place yourself in a new world to unlock your own secrets and tendencies. Through travel you get to see parts of the world on a first encounter basis (even if it’s just around your hometown). It can make you feel renewed, and create a rich deepness about the universe and ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic trip overseas. It could simply be looking at what’s around you, but you have to get into an open and exploratory mindset (which might happen naturally or with some convincing on your part). You have to let go, to let in, from land to the sea, there’s infinite knowledge waiting to be discovered that can’t be found in your books or on your computer. It’s called first encounter experience. You— be your first person reality.

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