Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

Maintaining Your Relationship

Maintaining a Relationship
Everyone at some point in their life either looks for love or is looking to keep it. We all know those couples that have literally made it through thick and thin over the years. Granted, we don’t know all of their problems or what they endured, and it’s really not any of our business, but what we can take away from it is how they made it through life and still manage to love each other.

The First Big Step in the Journey
So you’ve made it through puppy love and have actually gone through problems, hardships, and challenges. You’re relationship or marriage has been tested. You might have been stressed out and either bonded with your significant other, grew apart, or frankly both. What is important about this step and stage is that you went through it together. You two uniquely have an idea of what happened, and you most importantly made it through. In this time, you can now reflect back on how you both handled it.

Communicate and Move Forward
You have got to make sure that if you are feeling a certain way, you express it to your partner. Instead of falling into the trap of blaming the other person, try using the “I feel…” method. Let them know how an action impacts you. You might be surprised to find out that the other person doesn’t even realize whatever they do or don’t do, hurts you.

You’ve got to Listen
But in return you have to open the floor for your partner to express exactly how they feel. Before you interrupt and interject with your thoughts let them finish what they have to say. It is vital for each person in the relationship to feel like they are being heard. It gives them a voice and a stance in the relationship, because it takes two.

You Will Grow Apart and Grow Together
At some point of your relationship you might find out that you are drifting. As a child, you went through the growing pains, and as an adult in a relationship you will mature and change as well. You two will probably learn you are interested in different things. This is normal.

Allow Yourself to Enjoy What You Like
This is where you have to be supportive. Encourage your partner to engage in the activities he wants to. If he wants to go try something out, let him explore who he is. Conversely, you should also go out and do what you like to do or what you want to do. A relationship can be unhealthy if you are attached at the hip, but it can also be futile if you are too spread apart.

Find Your Relationships Balance
Not every relationship looks the same. You and your partner will begin to understand the ebb and flow of your love. It will look different from others, but that’s okay, that is the beauty of love. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Let your love grow and give room for both of you to grow.

Keep in Touch
There will be rough days and there will be fantastic days. One partner may think the relationship is the best it has ever been, while the other one is suffering. You have got to check in with each other. Let the other person know where you stand. So they can stand and support you.

Love, Love, Love
Neither of you are perfect, and you will find that out quickly if you haven’t yet. You may be two totally different spirits but you have one thing in common, you love each other. In order for that love to grow you have to be open and supportive, willing to listen, and make the right positive changes, while still maintaining who you are. Yes, love can be work, but it is also the best gift of all time.

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