Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Natural Beauty

Beauty: Natural Beauty

Take a second. Look at a mirror, look through something reflective, look at yourself in water. Who do you see? Notice your brilliant eyes, your royal eyelids, your distinct nose, your luscious skin. Follow your face to your unique eyebrows, your precious cheekbones, your one of a kind lips. Your natural beauty.

True beauty is skin deep but it doesn’t mean we can’t embrace our outer appearance. The imperfections, the scars, the burns, the dimples, the craters, the acne, the oil, the peeling… the dryness, dark spots, redness, IT’S OKAY! It’s you and it’s special.

We all fall into the trap of comparison, but guess what? So does everyone else, and through the toxic judgment we lose the chance to enjoy who we are. Strong teeth, week teeth, frail nails, too skinny, too fat. No muscle…. too much “cushion for the pushin.” Confusion on craziness. STOP!

It’s okay to have healthy goals for our bodies, but if it is at the expense of loving ourselves, and being thankful for who we are… what is it worth? Try new things, experiment with the outside but don’t lose heart and touch with YOU. Every wrinkle, nose hair, piercing, birth mark is uniquely you. Let’s celebrate us and watch the inner self shine like no other.

Love yourself,

Steph Blis. Miss

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