Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Scattered Knowledge

The debate about whether our generation is more intelligent than those of the past has opened up yet again. Take a look at our siblings, nieces, nephews, and youth with no need for instruction to use technology! Today we have access to more information than generations before us, and arguably more exposure to more than our parents and grandparents were exposed to . We are in a resource rich present day. We have everything from educational materials, social media, travel and niche topics literally at our fingertips. But how are we using all this potential “brain material”? I believe, no I hypothesize, that we have become surface learners with scattered knowledge, is that “good” or “bad”—well it depends on the eye of the beholder.

Before it paid (literally) to be a master of a trade or an expert on a topic. Life’ s work predominantly was highlighted by a specific trade.

But today people are more valued for their array of skills, students more precious by their market value if they have dipped into disciplines that are quite different ( a double major— with a Biology and Communications degree– you are good to go). I wanted to open the door about where we are in the world and what this means. Is is beneficial for people to have a broader understanding of life as we know it? Or is their true genuine forgotten value in years of expertise and diligent studying? What do you think of the information age and our utilization of it? Are we distracted or diversified? Happy or just right? As for me, I think we are just right with a need for a little more discipline. But that idea changes daily (much like my social media feed).


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