Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

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Send Out Your Vibes and Pray

      Think about it for a second. Positive rays, ripples, and reverberations reflecting off each other growing into pure happiness and bliss. For the depressed and down trodden this may feel nauseating, for the upbeat this may sound normal or bring up questions like… yeah I already do this… what’s the point?

      It’s a need, it’s necessary. I’ve heard of energy or vibes and how they can have an impact on people, but can your thoughts and state of being truly have that much power? We know if someone is mean, rude, or arrogant to someone it can have negative consequences on the next person who might lash out on the next. Now we have the ability to control our reaction, the choice to let someone’s actions penetrate us or not, but sometimes we come out in full force. This is easier said than done. What is needed is a conscious and deliberate decision to fester what light, and joy we do have and let it grow into fruition so you create happiness and create an impact and positivity in the world. You can make a difference in your world, the world. It might not always be met with open arms, but your joy can make dents (just like a woodpecker, one peck at a time) into being. Now imagine if everyone came out or even a few…. pecking a way sending positive vibes into the world, it would create a harmonious collaboration of respect and appreciation. Reach out.

      On the inside you can also send out goodness through, meditation, prayer, and thoughtfulness through active choices. Without all the hate, jealousy, and malice you might just be able to think clearly and help make practical solutions for the world. The wasted energy that goes into pitiful pettiness, is detrimental considering the time and exertion that could be used for good.

      So let’s whip up the courage and build what stamina we do have, and try not to dwell on our past. Recognize what’s wrong and right, and make a choice to be someone who helps the world because mother nature as a whole really needs us right now. Will you join?

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