Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Why You Have to See Wonder Woman

Imagine women living together, self-sufficient, cooperative and they are warriors. That’s one of the first major scenes in the movie.

**Disclaimer I am not an original Wonder Woman follower, I did not follow the comic books or material around the character. I just decided to see the movie on a Tuesday and I am glad I did.

I didn’t know what to expect when I went to check out this movie, maybe tons of action scenes like all the other super heroes and cheesy heroic lines. Now don’t get me wrong this movie screams heroism with its number one heroine! But it is the subtle themes I picked up on and the in your-face-scenes that give you some major “aha” moments.

Let’s bring you back to that amazing island you see at the beginning. Yes, there is a hierarchy in this matriarchal society without men. There are the normal human characteristics that we see in many characters across movies. But it is this swift and powerful unity and strength of these females that is truly outstanding. A vision into what an all-women group can have at one of its best moments. It’s kick-ass and beautiful. Camaraderie without unreasonable jealousy. The dynamics of sisterhood and motherhood, loyalty, and wisdom, all wrapped up into a single island seemingly hidden from the world!


When we meet Diana (Wonder Woman) she has ambitions from the get-go. She is already ready to take on challenges at a young age. She wants to be the best, and she is the best, as you will find out. Others want to protect her from her potential because they are scared of her getting hurt. But all she sees is her own desire to try something out because it speaks to her soul and who she is. I absolutely loved this. She saw what she wanted in life and didn’t question it or the dangers, she wanted to do what she wanted to do because it intrigued her and it just felt right.


Diana’s mother is like any mother in the world, not wanting her beautiful daughter to get hurt in life and even though she comes to terms with the inevitable, she does show the true struggles any mother faces when they let a person go and truly let them become who they are meant to be. We can all relate to this rather it is a sister, friend, or cousin you name it. A strong woman herself, this mother must come to grips with the fact that she has to let her daughter fulfill her duty in life even though she is the most important being in her life and she wants to protect her. It’s one of the hardest challenges for parents and guardians, but a necessary one and a very close intimate and important decision for women to make. She does it unwillingly but gracefully in her own way.

Why Not?

This is my absolute favorite theme of Wonder Woman. It was so refreshing and even caught me off-guard how wonderfully poignant it was when Diana entered any situation just as she would at anytime, as she should. When she enters the world with its judgements, rules, and stigmas, she is not impacted at all by them because they don’t exist to her because she was never exposed to them. She is from a place of respect and honor, when she enters this new place she is not tainted by its problems and unfair demands and suppression of women. She is free from all of this and remains free because she is impervious to them. She also doesn’t give in despite the nudges and signs from others. Therefore, the confines of the world don’t interfere with her ability to just be who she is fully (and that is one strong woman). Scene after scene, she may appear naïve, but she really is “un-blotched” by the oppression she encounters in society. There have been countless decades of diminishing a woman’s influence and power. Wonder Woman shows none of the signs or impacts of this unjust reality and she doesn’t accept it or try to fit in, she is just herself. Thus we see a raw and pure version of an example of a woman not tethered but free, just being who she is as she wants to be, not worrying about anything, plain and simple.


She just wants to help. Wonder Woman’s goal is blatant throughout the film, she wants to help mankind. Even though she ends up seeing both the good and bad in humans, she chooses to see the admirable qualities of these beings that are unpredictable with the tension of good and evil within them! She doesn’t get caught up in the logistics of a situation, her soul only interprets the pure goodness in the reality that the wars need to stop and the people need to stop being injured, destroyed, or killed. She doesn’t care about who is who and what is what. Her heart isn’t deceived. She knows what is right, and that in itself is her glorious innocence, rather she recognizes it or not. She immediately picks up on the bare simple basics, this is wrong and that is right. There are no gray areas.


Let me tell you, there is no stopping Wonder Woman! She doesn’t listen to the men, those viewed as superior in society, and she doesn’t even listen to her mom completely (but for good reason, she had to fulfill her ultimate will). If you ever lacked courage or determination, hers is rock solid. It is not a matter of when something will get done, it is right now, because that’s the way it’s going to be. So if you’ve ever let excuses and obstacles get in your way, take a lesson from Wonder Woman. She’ll kick your butt into high gear.

Strength, Unknowing Bravery, True to One’s-Self Attitude, Determined, and Pure

So if you are looking for just a fun night or an excuse to get out. Consider watching this movie and pick up on the themes and nuances that float to the surface. You’ll notice uncomfortable situations that society would say “shouldn’t be,” and that’s the point. Her life isn’t filtered with expectations and restrictions. She is who she is, doing what she knows she wants to and needs to. Even in the end when there is loss, she stands strong and carries on, fulfilling what she sees as her personal duty. A man does not define her, but she was grateful for meeting one and getting the opportunities to love him.


So check it out and let us know your thoughts!


P.S. As a bonus not only was the star of the film a woman, this movie was also directed by a woman! Between Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot… take that world!


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