Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

Letter to my…

WIN_20160103_22_30_43_ProWhen is the last time? It’s been a while… but it might be just the right time. The person you are thinking about right now… or maybe the people. You have something to say, you can’t figure it out quite right yet. You think about it passing between one social medium to the next. The thought of thinking about it can be daunting and overwhelming. Let’s get that old trusty pen or pencil out again. It’s time, it’s the present, it’s the now. Write what comes out, let it flow on the paper like stream of consciousness wisping from your mind to action. Release what’s been eating and chipping away at you for quite sometime. Your goal will be revealed as you go. The beauty is unlike most things in our life right now, you can edit your intent. You can create a clear concise message to you or to whom you want. Erasing is permitted, deleting encouraged, crossing out… a given. This is your raw emotion brought forth into a concrete piece. Your disorienting thoughts coming to settle into one place to make sense and give clarity to your sanity. It’s thoughtful, provoking, necessary for clearing out the hazy skies and foggy uncertainty. You matter and so do your transmissions. In this exercise you have the choice to give the letter, broadcast it, share it, cherish it, burn it, enlarge it, sing it, hide it for later, spit on it, embrace it, read it, illustrate it, perform it, forget it, love it. These combination of words assembled onto one bold beautiful page or a multitude of chapters are YOU in the utmost genuine reality and rarity. The purpose may or may not reveal itself to you, but in some cases direction may or may not matter… analytical or lethargic, furious or loving, confusing or frighteningly stark, supplementary or right there front and center. What IS will be before you, your own life’s wisdom and journey will guide you to what’s next. God loves.

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