Mon. Jun 24th, 2024



Mission Statement:

NauBlis. is a magazine that inspires, enlightens, and empowers girls and women through communication so they can find their bliss.


Company Description:

NauBlis. is an empowering medium for girls and women seeking a positive outlet and an information hub relevant to their lives. On a monthly basis women can access topics and articles that matters to them. The goal of NauBlis. is to connect women with their environment and beyond, to educate them about prevalent, as well as less understood realities. Through NauBlis. women can gain a deeper connection and understanding of culture worldwide. They can learn and expand upon issues and values they may already obtain. Anything from mundane to complex is explored through NauBlis. Love, health, travel, beauty, role models, current events, and creativity are the core features of this magazine. NauBlis. is asserting and establishing that women are significant and are diverse complex beings. SHE can inspire and become inspired. SHE can share and absorb. Through NauBlis. she can explore possibilities she thought not possible. Above all, this beautiful women can use the NauBlis. platform to become herself and supersede the expectations she once had, obtaining her ultimate bliss.