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Letter from Founder

January 4th, 2018

I am going to be honest with you, sometimes you will find yourself in the same situation year after year. Maybe you will have a different setting, but the same eerie feeling can linger inside. You might transform into what you dislike, the very circumstance you are in. Well, this 2018 find solace in knowing that there are changes in time and seasons for a reason. The good and bad will pass as you go into your next phase in life. Learning comes from reflection, but not dwelling. Hope comes from optimism, not fantasies. Love comes from within, not how people treat you; and your future, well that comes from you and what you will make of it.


February 18th, 2017

Timing is everything. I really do believe this. I am so excited the ball is rolling again with NauBlis.! Some big life changes happened and now I am finally settling back in and am ready to bring new inspiration and articles your way!   In tough times, struggles, heartache, and in blessed and happy times, always do your best.  You’ve got to believe in your ability to pull strength deep within. You’ve got this, and you can accomplish great things!


July 10th, 2016

In life we are often times presented with some big decisions, and if you haven’t been in this position for a while it can knock you off your feet. You can see potential paths you can go on and you can even try to juggle them all at the same time, but the truth is you don’t really know what the future actually holds. This is the situation I understand to be true for me now. If this is you, you are not alone.

Furthermore, this month and last month have been devastating for our nation. It can be overwhelming trying to convince ourselves that there is still good out there, and then you see the young and innocent and are reminded good exists, even if it is for the sake of being an example for the next generation. Don’t underestimate your influence, even if you don’t know where you are going.


June 4th, 2016

Some say it’s hard to face the music, and sometimes you just think “huh, am I ready?” There is an interesting mix amongst it all, and then sometimes it just starts to click. Timing is everything. Who you meet, and what is said and done, it all seems to add up in reflection, present action, and future happenings. I encourage you to make and think, possibly even answer these life questions. There are also these things we know. As we push ahead, there are inevitably good-bye and see you laters. These make room, but they are also our cornerstones and foundation. Love in this process. Steam forward with fierce determination, walk lightly, and act with conviction. You are who you are supposed to be. Good luck!


May 4th, 2016

The power of the “T’s”. Last month was transformative, this month we enter into transition. We touched on mental health this month and explored different life stages. Along the way we took a much needed camping break. But through it all we understand that sometimes big transitions are apart of life. Some of our own are going to be headed into new stages in their life. Everyone has hit them, from graduating and job changes, to pregnancies and parenthood.  A therapist once said transition is a time to be held, it’s being held as you enter the next part of your life. Sometimes it can seem like no one is there for us, we have to open our eyes but ultimately be our own strength.


April 4th, 2016

Transformative in thought, that has got to be this month’s theme. Recent content was MIA for some much needed soul searching. We are back on track and ready to hand out some fascinating material. We even got something new in store for you. Bare with us as we embark on the journey. I had to get away to realize the truth that always existed and I appreciate you for respecting that :). Sometimes we get so caught up in life’s problems we forget why life is worth living in the first place. I got the opportunity to visit my “happy” again, and I hope you get the chance to re-visit your own. There is beauty in your truth. It might be hidden but it is there, and one day it just might rise out of the ashes. Here is to beautiful regininngs (re-beginning). Feel free to hashtag that Naublis. made word!



March 4th, 2016

Putting yourself out there can be hard sometimes. Making the leap to truly become who you are. It is scary because you don’t know how you are going to be received by the outside world, and what that means honestly doesn’t matter. I have decided to take my jump and it’s funny because sitting here right now I feel like I am in mid-air frozen like nothing is really happening, but in the midst of the moment of lull activity despite action, I am content. Sadness is drifting, doubt creeps in , this is a reality that your dreams don’t happen over night. I am pushing forward, even when nobody is really listening. This is a learning phase, a place to be appreciated, a place of fun and play before monotonous strict reality. Flexibility and play were my chosen words for the past few days. It’s funny I can’t really remember what “play” is? If you are awakening, find some wiggle room in your growth, expand your horizons. I am interested to see how the stories play out this month. As we embark on our journey ahead. Happy March everyone! Live strong as you carry on. Have ambition and truth, hope and courage, as you walk your path that may have many detours on the way, each worth their own attention and considerations.


February 4th, 2016

Reflection, awakening, and focus would have to be this month’s focus. January has passed and the excitement of the new year has slowly dwindled but the passion that exist from renewal still lingers and has potential to flourish beyond our wildest dreams. This month is a great time to look at your past and accept it. Try not to dwell but acknowledge its existence and understand it is apart of you and has led to your current structure. Also, hold tight and embrace that drive within you, do not let it burn out. This issue covers an array of topics that just seemed necessary. Enjoy and bundle up to take a mellow adventure as we let the winter come with us.


January 4th, 2016

NauBlis. has been created for women and girls like you to empower you, so you can follow your bliss. I am so excited to see where the future of NauBlis. will lead to. The goal is to reach females from all walks of life, to encourage them and help them think differently, so each woman can be the best they can be. I am so thankful that God has put me in a position to pursue my passion and life’s dream to inspire women, to inspire you.

As long as I can remember, I always had magazines. Rather it be plastered on the wall or in a pile accumulating in my room, they were always by my side. Through these magazines, I gained hope and inspiration. In my eyes, my future was limitless. I still enjoy magazines today, however, I feel like they are missing the necessary girl power we need. We are beautiful beings with the ability to change the world; I have found that today’s magazines don’t entirely embody this message. Since I was a child, I wanted to own and operate my own magazine. This dream has finally come true. I hope I can open both of our eyes to the possibilities around us, engage conversations about the status quo, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. You are capable of so much! The adventure has started and the ball is rolling. Let’s begin!

There are no limitations, dumb questions, or inquires. Challenge yourself, so you can see what you truly can become.