Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

Depressive State

I know you’re lost and feel downtrodden like all is about to burst

Like life’s once interest has slowly diminished, as you’re stuck in a forever thirst

Your roots feel bloody and your heart feels heavy, as you try to go ahead and get by

I promise you that you can get through, yes that you can survive

Let it breath, allow your sadness, but let it go with peace

It’s your turn to rise and feel the skies, as I know you see your crease (from north, to west, to east)

It’s okay to lift your foot and take a step at a time

You can dream again like you did back then, and build grace and strength through this simple rhyme

I know you’re deep with painful emotion, what happened to you is full of despair

But lift your chin and begin to rise, I know you are somewhere in there

-Stephanie Martinez

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